Dashboards are useless
Substitute your instincts through data. Instead of wasting time on detection, investigation, communication and escalation dedicate your team resources to generate real value.
Get just-in-time automated relevant alerts and BI insights about your multi-dimensional streaming metrics.

Free your resources with Timetrix agnostic observability platform

Timetrix is adjustable for your required level of observability and enables your staff to react quickly based on reliable information and real-time alerting.
  • Time Series: We handle high amounts of time series data in highly resource efficient way. Get visibility into changes of periodic patterns, spikes and outages, traffic growth or decline.
  • Real-time Analytics: Our streaming data and anomaly detection helps you to make rapid business decisions, reduces costs and increases reliability of your product offering.
  • Automated Anomaly Detection: Timetrix cancels out noise and delivers only relevant personalized alerts.
Timetrix is agnostic to type and quality of data as well as to changing behaviors in the data, temporal trends and patterns like seasonality.
  • Dynamic ruling: Custom-tailored models configuring domain-specific rules for your data and allowing monitoring based on dynamic behavior of data.
  • Multi-dimensionality: Native support for data from different dimensions (e.g. country/merchant/product) and automated monitoring for every dimension.
  • Metrics relations: Earthquake brings a tsunami! We provide visibility into the correlations in your data and correlated changes (e.g. failed/successful logins, deposits etc.)
Timetrix uses purpose-built machine learning algorithms for automated anomaly detection to help you grasp all the relevant KPIs and business metrics in a fast, reliable and resource-optimized way.
  • Resilience: We embrace best possible machine learning strategies to provide correct models and correct alerting on violations to external tools or metrics relations.
  • Scalable and extendable: Timetrix Engine is easily scalable, no matter the size of your business and fully extendable across all relevant platforms, networks and infrastructures.
  • Resource efficiency: Timetrix Engine does not require high set-up costs and comes with only limited system requirements.