It’s not about us, it’s about you!
We want to give you the ultimate tool for making complex systems easy to understand
So you can concentrate on the topics that matter
Let’s face it – software is eating the world and correspondingly becoming exponentially more complex. The rise of microservices as a Holy Grail solution for the inherent problems of monoliths drives agility and scalability of architectures, but structural decomposition affects stability, manageability and predictability of the individual components. Modern infrastructures become inherently unstable and hard to maintain, as more and more time is devoted to fighting fires and chasing unknown unknowns. What a waste of precious team resources.

We, at Timetrix, create a highly scalable and resource efficient open-source observability solution that allows you to gain clarity and thorough understanding of the complex functioning of your digital backbone so you can concentrate on executing and developing your business. We want to give you the ultimate tool for making complex systems easy to understand. And we want to fill DevOps space with happy people, as Timetrix strives to efficiently save time spent on boring stuff and give more time for exciting and new projects.

Aleksandr Tavgen
Aleksandr is a software architect with a more than 18 years of industry experience. He has worked in diverse fields at all levels of abstraction, from microcontrollers to high level declarative programming and all things between, as a developer, SRE engineer and software architect. His hobby projects include of kinds of crossovers of IT with music and theatre.