Why Timetrix?
Having automated the simple stuff, it’s the hard stuff that’s left
Timetrix is here to help

We help small or mid-sized companies with traction and high-growth companies with digital backbone (i.e. dependent on digital infrastructure and that require continuous innovation of their digital services to achieve operational excellence through automation), so that the data analysts and data scientists can concentrate on the topics that matter, while turning the increasing volumes of data from numerous sources into actionable business insights.

Timetrix provides system observability and actionable real-time business insights for your company. In the world of systematically increasing complexity of the IT-systems Timetrix gives you the ability to make quick and precise data-driven decisions.

Reduced time to resolve
Shorter outage times
Extra 9s to your SLA
More time for value creation
Increased team motivation
Minimized revenue loss

We provide digitally-enabled businesses with real-time insights into their processes. Our product is a highly resource efficient tool for business improvement and optimization. We enable you to realise your growth potential and allow you reliable execution throughout the growth phase.

Gain competitive advantage through our holistic approach to BI. We combine all stages from detection and collection through to insight, analysis and action. In a business climate where the only constant factor is change having full control of your digital backbone is a matter of survival. We actively decrease time to insight leading to more informed decision making.

Timetrix uses purpose-built machine learning algorithms for automated anomaly detection to help you grasp all the relevant KPIs and business metrics in a fast, reliable and resource-optimized way. We provide you with 24/7 quality all-inclusive service offering that will preserve your resources, save time in development and allow you to concentrate on your business goals.

Operational monitoring
  • Spot the bugs before they affect your customers
  • Incident Management – uptime and predictions
  • Track users' behavior
Monitoring external integrations
  • Companies that depend on external integrations (e.g. bank or mobile carrier integrations)
  • Service quality assessment by countries, platforms, versions etc.
Performance metrics
  • Assessment of Marketing Campaigns on different cardinalities (countries, platforms), correlated with event storing (deployment, marketing campaign for some matchings)
  • Promotions tracking
Security monitoring
  • E.g. failed/successful logins ratio depending on activity can be useful in detecting various range of attacks on enumerating or stolen password databases evaluation
  • Error rates in payment rates, geographies

Timetrix Engine gives context to your data. We give you eyes to see not only the fact that an event has occurred, but also why it has happened. We help companies with business models that require high visibility and continuous understanding of internal and external processes (real-time or near real-time) to serve their clients in the best possible way.

Timetrix core is open source. Integrate our tool with your environment or infrastructure through REST API, SNMP, Logfile and WebHook. In due course we will also provide the most favorite out-of-the-box integrations as well as external integrations for notifications (hipchat/slack/email etc).